My equipment

On this page you will find details of the equipment I currently use and past equipment I have used. Where appropriate I give detail of any support I have been given in obtaining the equipment.

Current rifle equipment

In this section I will list the equipment I use for air rifle competitions.

Air rifle

My rifle is a Walther LG400 Expert. This was selected after seeing one at my shooting club and as there were a few adjustments I needed to make which were not possible with my previous rifle. Walther let me have this on a trial period before deciding to buy and they have provided a number of additional parts, including a custom part, to assist in changing it between standing and prone positions.

I use batch tested pellets with this rifle. At the moment these are RWS R10 pellets.

Aiming device

I use the EcoAims VIS500 for my rifle shooting. I like its effectiveness through simplicity, there are only a few settings you can adjust, these can be seen as tweaks and are not essential. I would like to acknowledge how EcoAims has worked with shooters in developing this, it has been quite interesting to see it evolve to what it is now.


A pair of custom ACS Pro Communicators. The custom fit means these are really comfortable to wear, they do not leak any sound out of the earphones and the changeable sound filter means I can adjust how much background noise is let in.

Shooting suit

A made-to-measure shooting suit from Mouche. With the World Championships coming up I decided I wanted to go for some premium shooting clothing rather than getting my previous shooting suit adjusted again. I would like to thank all at Mouche for the work which went into making this suit and ensuring it met my needs.


A pair of Kustermann boots. Back in 2007, fellow vision impaired shooter Morag Morrison sadly died of Parkinson's disease. Morag's family wanted to give her shooting equipment to people who would make good use of it, I was asked if any of it would be useful to me and fortunately my feet were the same size as Morag's and so I inherited her boots. Morag's boots continue to serve me well, I thank Morag's family for giving me these boots and I hope they feel I am making good use of them.


A Sauer premium glove. The minimal padding in this glove I feel gives me a better sense of what the rifle is doing when compared with my previous glove.

Current pistol equipment

In this section I will list the equipment I use for air pistol.

Air pistol

A Walther LP400, which was kindly donated by Walther.

Aiming device

The VIASS Pro is paired with my air pistol. The light weight and slightly smaller design of this device means it can be fitted to the air pistol using readily available parts, such as a sight raising block to give sufficient space for mounting.

Previous equipment

In this section I will list items of equipment I have used in the past but no longer use.

Air rifle

A Steyr LG110. The main reason I went for this was the connect version packs into a small case which made it very good for travelling with it to competitions, no long rifle case to carry. I used this from 2006 until early 2018.

Aiming device

A Swarovski ZE-B618. This was a light based system, requiring a special target or aiming point and a lamp. It was retired because of requirements for international competitions needing one of the newer LED based systems.

Shooting suit

A second hand Kurt Thune shooting suit adjusted by Pippa at TenPointNine. This was my first shooting suit, I got it back in 2011 for my first IBSA shooting championships, prior to that I used a club shooting jacket. I continued to use this until the end of 2018, when I decided I wanted to upgrade the suit in readiness for the World Championships in 2019. I would like to thank Pippa for her work in adjusting it initially and over the years I used it.


A Kustermann fingerless glove. This is quite a padded glove and in 2018 it was suggested that may be I should try a less padded glove for standing so I would be able to feel the rifle better.

Other equipment

There are a number of items I have not mentioned here. I have omitted them as I feel they are not significant, however if there is something you would like me to mention then feel free to contact me and request it.

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