Tuesday 26 April 2011

The state of information on VI shooting on the internet

Today I have been looking at how much information really is out there on shooting for the visually impaired. As before its quite shocking, bits and pieces here and there, some of it interesting, some of it a little bit brief and some of it just wrong. May be those of us inside the VI shooting community need to try and put that right.

I suppose if I am going to say anything about this, I better put some of what I have done in order. I don't know how many of you reading this have seen www.shootingwiki.org. There is a page on blind shooting there (thankfully pretty accurate). However it did link to a list which I had set up on the topic of shooting for the blind, but now pretty well a dead list. Therefore I thought let's start by pointing people to an active list like http://groups.google.com/group/blind-target-shooting-uk.

Now to some of the wrong stuff. Why is it that people keep thinking the Swarovski scope is laser based? Even in a video which IBSA link to which demonstrates blind shooting says the scope is laser based.

I suppose I am not complaining at those who make the mistake and possibly give wrong information without knowing, I am more complaining of those like IBSA who should know better linking to this wrong information. That is probably enough of me saying stuff about this, may be I should pay attention to what I say and just get on with producing correct information and trying to spread that about.

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