Saturday 14 May 2011

UK VI winter league results

Today I received the results for the VI winter leagues. It was very pleasing to see a few things with these results, possibly the nicest thing for me being that I had won both division one in both stand assisted and free-standing. It was a bit of a shame to see that in my free-standing my average had gone down a bit, however last summer I think I had a particularly good season and it was going to be hard to improve on it.

Some of the other things which were pleasing to see is how the results have been produced. This was the first time I have been sent an electronic copy of the results, so making it much easier for me to look through to see how other people are coming along. Also it appears that this season when people score 100 in a given round the number of inner tens have been counted and used to find a winner for the round. While this is an improvement to see, the spreadsheet being used does need some tweaking as inner tens seem to be contributing towards the total score and so can raise the average.

I think this set of results is a big step forward from some of the situations in the past and hopefully the slight problems can be ironed out. Now I suppose I should look towards the summer league and focus on that. I know that some might be disappointed with this, but as I need to focus on what I will do in Slovakia, I will only be entering the free-standing league.

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