Sunday 17 December 2017

Rebuilding the shooting position

Well it has been longer than I intended again since I wrote anything here, other things in life just keep coming up and getting in the way.

We are now well into the winter season of shooting competitions. For this winter I have decided to really commit to just using the EcoAims VIS500 and learning everything I can about how it works, including any peculiarities it may have.

If you want to track my progress in the competitions over the winter, I am competing in the International Home Range Cup being organised by Patrick from Austria, results and information here and also the Cambridgeshire Target Shooting Association 10m air rifle league results here.

Unfortunately after the summer with the air pistol, when I picked up the air rifle again something was just not quite right and after a very bad first round in the Cambridgeshire it was time to revisit everything about my shooting and rebuild the position, hopefully getting a better one in the process. Thanks to the support of some members of my shooting club, we have increased the amount of training I am doing and with the work on the position the scores are improving and I think there is still space for more improvement to still come.

Much of what I have done is probably what all shooters should do from time to time when attempting to improve their shooting, but there have been a few things which have come up which are quite interesting. Over the next few days I will write some more posts on those specific things.

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