Sunday 13 May 2018

ISCH win

Last week saw the International Shooting Competition of Hanover (ISCH) and they had VI shooting in the programme of events this year. It has been a few years now since I have been to an international competition, so it was quite nice to be back competing at an international.

There were a few things different this time. This time rather than flying the journey was done by road, what a difference it makes when you can just drop all the equipment into a car and just forget about it for the rest of the journey and this time my body was feeling the benefit of having not been carrying round heavy bags. The other difference was that Pauline who now assists me at my local club went as my assistant for the competition, so we were able to train how things would work in competition better than in the past where I have had a different assistant at the competition.

As you may have guest from the title of this post, I did win in the standing discipline which was the only discipline I was competing in. In the qualifying I was feeling very comfortable with my shooting and finished with a very good lead. In the final I was finding things slightly harder and had a few bad shots and so that was much closer throughout the whole final. I am very pleased with this win, after all the work and changes which have been made to my position over the last few months the win just confirms the hard work has paid off.

It was great to be there and meet up with so many others involved in shooting. A number of people were encouraging me to take up prone more seriously and also to compete in that. If travelling by car to competition is going to become more regular then I may be tempted to do it. Anyway back to the hard work of training, there is the world cup in France in September I would like to go to if possible, ISCH has woken me up again to international competition.

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