Tuesday 23 April 2019

Improvements in prone

I thought may be I was going to have a little break from shooting over easter. My coach was going to be busy on the Monday when I would normally do some training and I had not been sent home with my rifle or any other training to do at home. However this morning I noticed a text message from my coach saying she would be up at the shooting club this evening so did I want to do some training. So this evening I was at the club doing some more prone training.

It was a good training session this evening. I am not sure whether I quite got the correct position fully as it was not as comfortable and it was starting to hurt by the end. However we were trying out some new equipment as I had been borrowing some at the training camp last week. Well in the end my score for 60 shots was better than my previous attempt and it also was possibly a bit more consistent. I had been getting a bit concerned before last week that it was getting closer to the dates for going to Hanover and not really having a prone position sorted. Since last week I am now starting to feel more confident about it, my prone does seem to be coming together now.

Experience of creating shooting videos

You may be aware that over the last few weeks I have been creating some videos for IBSA on vision impaired shooting. It has been quite an ex...