Monday, 1 April 2019

Wobbly training

After doing prone on Thursday evening, today was back to standing. I think the plan is that this will be my routine for training now leading up to Hanover in May.

The difference today was I was going to work on stabilising the position, which involved doing some dry firing standing on a balance board. The balance board I am using is a board placed on top of a number of squashy balls.

The training started off with me just doing shooting as normal for the first 20 shots. After this I then was moved to be standing on the balance board. It wasn't feeling too much different to normal, I am not sure I could feel much more movement although I have been told it was possible to see the movement. However I settled down and it turns out my trace on Scatt was becoming shorter than the shots I took earlier. I made the joke that may be I need to shoot my competitions from a balance board if it makes my shots better. Then to finish off it was back to normal shooting without the balance board. Well it must have done something as these shots were better than the shots at the beginning of the session.

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