Thursday 2 May 2019

Time for plan B

Next week will be the International Shooting Competition of Hanover. Unfortunately I needed to make a last minute change of plans as due to some unforeseen delays in preparations I was not able to get everything ready in time.

The problem related to the fact that World Shooting ParaSport only approved vision impaired shooting as an official discipline in their programme back at the end of February this year. Whilst the competition had been announced for some time prior to that, there were certain things which could not be started until WSPS had officially accepted VI shooting. It was always going to be tight and unfortunately I encountered some unexpected delays. So as everything was not going to be ready I made the decision I would have to withdraw from the competition.

This change of plan should not cause any problems in the grand scheme of things for the year as I still have the World Cup at the end of July which I can use for qualification for going to the World Championships. The few extra months should be sufficient time to get everything ready. In fact this had always been the plan B.

One advantage is that this will give me more time to get settled with my prone shooting before going to a qualification competition. Whilst based upon what I am shooting in prone, achieving the qualification score should not be a problem, but may be by the time of the World Cup I will actually be competing to be in the final. That would probably have been a bit of an ambitious goal for Hanover.

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