Friday, 24 May 2019

Continuing with training

Well its been longer than I intended between updates. It was feeling a bit of an anticlimax after all the build up to Hanover only to have to withdraw from the competition the week before. However since then I have still been doing plenty of training. Those who follow me on facebook may know that yesterday was my birthday and I did not even get exempt from training on my birthday.

The prone is coming along really quite well. I have had a couple more training sessions where the score was very high. If I can achieve similar scores in competition to what I am doing in training, then there is a good chance I could be competing for a medal in prone. It has slightly caught me out how quickly things seem to have come together once we found a combination of position and equipment which does not cause me pain. Within just over a month my goal has moved from just achieving a qualifying score for the World Championships to actually thinking about competing for medals.

We should not forget about my standing, I am still doing training for that. However as I am much more experienced with that the jumps in performance are much more gradual. In fact I am possibly at a point where I am just pushing a little too hard at trying to improve things and so just applying too much pressure. It may be time to just let me relax and shoot naturally for a little time and then review what needs to be improved based on that.

It may be a slightly quiet time in my shooting year, but I will try and get back to posting more frequent updates.

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