Monday 10 June 2019

All go for the World Cup

Frequent readers of my blog may remember that I had to withdraw from the International Shooting Competition of Hanover a week before that competition was due to start. The unforeseen circumstance which meant I had to withdraw has now been resolved. This means it is all go now for me for the World Cup which will happen at the end of July in Croatia.

This will be the first time I will have had to fly with my Walther air rifle. Whilst I am familiar with the process when dealing with the airline, the question is more about making sure it will fit in my Peli case. Also it will be the first time I will be flying with the table and seat I use for prone. We designed them to collapse very small but again the proof will come when we try to pack it into suitable cases. It will be good practice in readiness for flying to Australia with all the equipment.

As I had got a certain amount of the admin work out the way when preparing for Hanover, things like the paperwork for sight classification, there is much less admin for me to do in preparing for Croatia. This should give me more time to focus on my shooting and training for the competition.

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