Tuesday 27 March 2012

Some additional thoughts on prone

It has been brought to my attention the matter of whether one should contact the table with the body. Well in the photos in the previous post you may be able to make out that I am contacting the table. Officially though IBSA say in the rules that the body should be separated.

So you may wonder why do I do the prone with the body contacting the table? The answer is that it simply does not fit with any other idea of prone to have the body separated. If one were to do the normal prone position they would have the body in contact with the floor or a shooting mat, well the table in the seated position becomes the shooters floor. This is also the approach the IPC have taken.

In another way I also feel it does not make much sense for the shooter to keep the body separate, if one were to do that then what is the difference of doing prone and kneeling? It turns out very little for a shooter who keeps one position as the only differences are the right elbow not contacting the table for kneeling and the left elbow being restricted to a 10cm diameter circle. So if one keeps a fairly constant position in prone then the 10cm diameter circle thing will not be a difference and how much of a difference does just lifting the right elbow make? I feel probably not as much as going between the standard prone and kneeling positions.

I do not know whether IBSA will change things regarding this, but I intend to stick with doing the prone as shown in the previous post with the body contacting the table.

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