Friday 2 March 2012

Upcoming British Championships

Well the British Championships are coming up this weekend. At the moment I don't have a huge amount to say on the topic. I am slightly disappointed that nobody from Aberdeen is going to be able to be there, they normally offer some of the best competition in the free standing event. Also I know that some people are a bit annoyed with the way the sport is being run and as the AGM is held at the competition there may be some interesting discussions in the AGM.

This year is the first year where I have decided not to enter in the stand assisted event, it was a decision made last year that I should really focus on my free standing particularly if I intend to compete internationally. As I will only be competing in the free standing, I think this is the reason I am so disappointed that nobody is entering from Aberdeen. It can be nice just to know that there is someone who is actually competing against you, keeping you on your toes. My main focus I think is to improve on what I did last year and so hopefully set a new British record.

Experience of creating shooting videos

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