Wednesday 20 February 2019

EcoAims sound curve details

Update: The original posting of this blog post contained a mistake on where curves B and C start to rise in tone, this is now corrected.

In yesterday's post about the EcoAims software I mentioned that the sound curves tab in the VIS500 setup tool has no description of the different curves. Daniel Walø sent me a message with some information about the different sound curves.

Graph showing different sound curves, X axis is distance from target centre and Y axis is pitch of sound.

The above graph probably is the simplest explanation for those who can see. The X axis is the distance from the target centre in mm and the Y axis is the pitch of the sound in Hz.

For those who cannot see the graph, here is a text description based upon the description Daniel gave me. Curve A is steeper than the other curves, with the tone starting to rise about 25mm from the target centre and most noticeably rising about 5mm from the target centre. Both curves B and C start to rise further from the target centre than curve A, and so do not rise as noticeably in the very centre. Curve B is steeper than curve C.

Even with this information, I think I would still suggest you try each sound curve and decide which you prefer or which works best. I don't think anyone has really done research into what would be the best audio signal for shooting, but my experience is starting to tell me it might not be quite what you might expect.

I also feel it would be good if EcoAims could add some more detail into their software to help the user select the curves. May be a text description of each curve, better still may be an audio sample which could be played.

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