Monday 18 February 2019

Find me on social media

As things start leading up to the World Shooting ParaSport World Championships later this year in Sydney, Australia, I have decided with my coach we need to raise my profile online more. Whilst I hope you will continue to come here to read extended posts on what i am doing with my shooting, I know life can get busy. So I am starting to create a presence on social media.

For the twitter users, you can follow my personal twitter account @mwhapples. I have configured twitter to automatically send out tweats about new blog posts, so by following me on twitter you will know when to come back here for new posts. As well as updates about blog posts, I will from time to time tweat additional things which may not get mentioned here on this blog.

For those who prefer facebook, you can visit at my shooting page on facebook. Unfortunately facebook has limited the ability for automatic posting, but I will manually post updates about the blog as well as other news.

For those of you who don't like social media, I will keep writing all the most important stuff here and you can always follow by email for update notifications.

Experience of creating shooting videos

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