Sunday 17 February 2019

New blog address and helpful hints

Again another short blog post today. If you look to the address bar, you should notice that the web address for the blog is different. The new address is I would encourage you to use this new web address for the blog, however for the foreseeable future the old blogspot address should keep working. You may ask why the change of the address? There are a few reasons, it is nice to have the address match the name of the blog and should I move to a different blog provider then I will be able to keep this new address.

Whilst talking about the blog, today I got asked a question about following the blog and getting email updates. There are two ways to follow the blog, by email or through your blogger reading list. If you want to get emails when new posts appear, then you need to follow by email. On any blog page you will find a section headed "Follow by email" which contains a box to enter your email and a button to submit the request. If you want to follow by recieving notifications in your blogger reading list, then look for the "followers" section and use the "Follow" link in that section.

Experience of creating shooting videos

You may be aware that over the last few weeks I have been creating some videos for IBSA on vision impaired shooting. It has been quite an ex...