Friday 15 March 2019

Article in the Melton Times

There was a nice piece written about me in the Melton Times this week. You can read the article here. It gives a good summary of my shooting career to date and mentions my hopes for the World Championships later this year.

In the past most media coverage about vision impaired shooting normally focusses on how it is done and/or is about a club getting the equipment. One thing which normally is lacking is any insights into the actual people who are the vision impaired shooters. I must admit I do quite like interviews and items which discuss the person. In my time of doing the sport I have met some great people. I really hope over time people will become more aware of vision impaired shooting and so there will be less need for the how it is done items and more time can be given to showing the personalities in the sport.

Experience of creating shooting videos

You may be aware that over the last few weeks I have been creating some videos for IBSA on vision impaired shooting. It has been quite an ex...