Monday 25 March 2019

Over to you, what do you like

I know I started writing my blog years ago, but I started to commit to giving frequent updates only more recently. Its all part of me wanting to raise my profile ahead of the World Championships later this year. Also if I can get others interested in the sport and may be even taking it up, even better.

So its time to ask you, my readers, what items do you like reading? Are there some topics you want more of or are there things you would like me to go into more detail. Do you like reading about me and what I am doing, training, competitions and even things outside my shooting, or would you prefer more detailed technical items? Is there anything I haven't talked about yet which you would like me to discuss.

So now over to you, either give me your feedback in the comments or if you would prefer to send it privately use the contact form to email me.

Experience of creating shooting videos

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