Friday 1 March 2019

Melton Times Sports Awards presentation evening

Yesterday evening was the Melton Times Sports Awards. As I previously blogged, I had been nominated and short listed as a finalist in the category of disabled sports person of the year.

The evening started with a meal and the awards were to be presented afterwards. There were a number of different categories and the disabled sports person award was to be the third to be presented. It was impressive to hear about all the finalists and what they have done in their sports, I can imagine there were some tough choices for the judges to select one winner in each category.

The moment came when the disabled sports person award was to be presented. All finalists were to go up to the stage whilst information about each finalist and their achievements were read out. I did not know whether I had won or not until the envelope was opened and the winner was announced. I am proud to say that the winner was myself. Fortunately for me, the winners of the previous categories did not give a speech and as I am not keen on giving speeches I followed their lead.

Me with my award

I would like to say a quick thank you to all the people have helped me, from those who work as my assistant, coaching encouragement, etc. Yes I might be the one who actually does the aiming and firing of the shot, but without your help I doubt I would have reached the level I have.

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