Monday 18 March 2019

Training without pellets or sound

Earlier today I was at my shooting club doing some training, but I never fired a pellet or even turned on the sound from my aiming device. Don't worry I haven't gone mad, there is a good reason for this. Those of you who are shooters may be familiar with the concept of dry-fire training, but what was the no sound all about?

As my shooting has improved, getting the position correct to ensure everything is fully stable has become more important. In the last couple of weeks we have done some work on getting the position correct. However when I hear the sound of the aiming device, it is too tempting to let that drive me to work at finding the centre of the target, rather than feeling my position and letting the position naturally settle. So we kept the sound off today so that I would have to feel the position.

My assistant had Scatt attached to my rifle so she could see how things were moving. I have been told that things seem to be improving and I think I am starting to understand better what I need to do. I have been given some home work in the form of some exercises to help with strength. May be next time I am at the club we can look at adding the sound back in.

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